Welcome to the Major 8™ by Ter Scott!


The Major 8 Life is my "life" and I share it with others who want to live a life fulfilled with abundance for all.

The Major 8 is the list of 8 things which are truly “major” in everyone’s life whether they want to accept this or not. When one is aware of this they have a track to run on and can get clarity and control of their life. They know their purpose and can focus on living!

So what is this Major 8?

In my seminars and workshops I usually introduce the list by asking everyone what they “want” in life. I have them throw things out verbally and I write them down. I get many things but they all seem to boil down to these 8 things (I’ve modified them and perfected them overtime to be used for optimal use and benefit):

1.    Perfect Health
2.    Enjoyment of Food
3.    Restful Sleep
4.    Money (enough to spare and share)
5.    Live a life and Leave a Legacy
6.    Sexual Gratification
7.    Wellbeing of Loved Ones
8.    Feeling of Importance and Respect

On this site, I will go into depth as to how each of these areas can be visited by you and improved and altered in the fashion you want to get the most from each and live your life fulfilled and, to leave an awesome legacy! Over time you’ll see how you can start and end your day using this as an affirmation, a checklist, a review, a prayer for yourself and others and a guide to living.

For now, just acquaint yourself with the list and return again to see how I add more to this and help you get what you want from your life and what you want to give in return for it. (Please, if you have questions or comments let me and other readers know below).

“Real prosperity is having a positive balance in all areas of the Major 8”.

Ter Scott! Life and Legacy Coach™