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Hello again!

I hope you are enjoying this site. Of course it is very new but I invite you to "Follow by Email" which is somewhere on this page. This site is a "spin-off" of The Secret Rules to Attainment" which has been around for some time with viewers from all over the world. You may wish to "Follow by Email" on that site too if you haven't already. (This just means that you get the posts in your email via an RSS feed every time we publish).

Since my readers here may not be aware of this blog I wanted to share a link today where I speak of the Major 8, how to become a millionaire and a few other things you may find interesting (like a fun music video about being rich).

Please CLICK HERE to visit the site and when you are there, feel free to leave comments and use the social media buttons to share.

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The Major 8™ Reveals Your Life Purpose

As the Life & Legacy Coach™, I use The Major 8™ as the track to run on; for my clients. It is the basis of most of what I do for my clients. Certainly I work “outside” of this and offer some “general” things which are also important but it is The Major 8 which sets me apart from other coaches.
I’m proud to present this “system” just as one might stand beside their brand new, shiny car. Shiny new cars are great for many, but unlike cars and other things, The Major 8 does not “depreciate” but actually appreciates and adds value to anyone who apply it in their life.  

Just as what was mentioned in today’s “Daily Dose from the Cosmo”, my intent is to always add value in all I do, and in all my relationships and daily contacts. And in offering The Major 8 as the “standard” in my consulting, added value is “built in”.
Ter Scott! Life & Legacy Coach™ Ter Scott! Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant™ Public Speaker: Motivational Personal and Business Development™
PS. Alw…

How did the Major 8 (Ter Scott, Attainment Rules) Come about?

The Major 8... 
How did this list come about?
You see, I’ve known about this list for years and have come to really study, adapt it and use it on a daily basis in my own life the past several years and more recently in my Life and Legacy Coaching™. To my knowledge, no other coach does anything similar and definitely not with this specific list of eight desires which most people have, it they would admit it and accept this. I came upon the “original” list years and years ago; so long ago that I forgot where. Then several months ago I was reading in a classic success book and to my delight, there they were, on page 19. They were almost unrecognizable because they had grown in my sight, much like my own children have over the years. Like my own children who now have children, these eight areas of desires (in my life) have also given birth to the offspring of a multitude of thoughts, ideas and realizations.
I introduced my list earlier but I present them here again so you’ll see both the s…

Welcome to the Major 8™ by Ter Scott!

The Major 8 Life is my "life" and I share it with others who want to live a life fulfilled with abundance for all.
The Major 8 is the list of 8 things which are truly “major” in everyone’s life whether they want to accept this or not. When one is aware of this they have a track to run on and can get clarity and control of their life. They know their purpose and can focus on living!
So what is this Major 8?
In my seminars and workshops I usually introduce the list by asking everyone what they “want” in life. I have them throw things out verbally and I write them down. I get many things but they all seem to boil down to these 8 things (I’ve modified them and perfected them overtime to be used for optimal use and benefit):
1.Perfect Health 2.Enjoyment of Food 3.Restful Sleep 4.Money (enough to spare and share) 5.Live a life and Leave a Legacy 6.Sexual Gratification 7.Wellbeing of Loved Ones 8.Feeling of Importance and Respect
On this site, I will go into depth as to how each of…